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Proud of the task performed and after a demanding process, we managed to transport and land in Uruguay, in record time, the second robotic pharmacy for our client eMedical Group. The equipment was installed in the new clinic of the Asociación Española in Nuevocentro Shopping.

Task accomplished, is the phrase that best represents the satisfaction we feel at Global Cargo Logistics. Our mission is to serve our customers by delivering everything with the same passion, professionalism and commitment as always.

We are very proud to implement the second intelligent automated pharmacy in the country, in the clinic of Nuevocentro Shopping of the Asociación Española.

This is another innovation of eMedical Group, which allows to manage in a robotized way the stock and dispensing of medicines at the pharmacy offices.

This complex and delicate transportation was carried out in record time, largely thanks to the efficiency of the Global Cargo Logistics transport server, a Uruguayan company that aims at service quality and compliance in time and manner.

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